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What You Need to Know Before Your Botswana Travel

Botswana Travel Guide: This African nation is one of the most beautiful and diverse in the world. It is very popular with tourists as it offers an amazing safari experience. This place is considered to be the perfect place for nature lovers as there are several natural wonders here which attract tourists from all over the world. You can visit Botswana either during the summer or winter; whichever season you visit, you will find something unique to explore. The country is blessed with a diverse landscape and it is separated into four departments namely Okavango, Francine, Aberdare, and Gaborone. Botswana is also known as the land of a thousand lakes because it has more than 1000 lakes that are scattered across the country.

DescriptionBotswana, an arid country in Southern Africa, possesses a spectacular landscape defined by its huge Kalahari Desert and the beautiful Okavango Delta, which becomes a lush environment during the dry season. The vast Central Kalahari Game Reserve is home to various animals including cheetahs, lions, hyenas, wild dogs, and wild horses. This reserve is situated in the north-western corner of Botswana and is surrounded by Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. You will also find the iconic Ngorongoro Crater nearby; it is the largest crater on earth and is considered to be the world’s oldest known crater. The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in Africa and is believed to contain the world’s largest inland river.

Map of Botswana: This is the first thing you should bring with you while planning a trip to this place. This will help you identify the major tourist attractions, as well as the direction to go in. You will find two major airports in Botswana, which are in Gaborone and South Africa. There are several airline carriers servicing the city.

Accommodation: Botswana is a great place to enjoy luxury, however, it does not come cheap. There are many options available for accommodation; hotels, lodges, resorts, guest houses, and Moremi Wildlife Reserve. There are also several options for luxury accommodation, such as Serena Lounges and the Royal Antelope Park, amongst others. There are budget hotels in the cities as well, such as the Lebombo and Maun among others.

Travel tips: Botswana is considered a safari destination; hence, it follows the same traditional modes of travel – safari, accommodation, etc. But, the climate in Botswana is quite different from the other African countries. It is semi-arid and is characterized by cool summers, hot and humid winters. In fact, it receives four to six inches of precipitation per year, though it is unusual to receive more than this. It is best to avoid the rainy season, as it can become very hot. It is wise to purchase insect repellent before going on your trip.

A Botswana travel guide should include tips on the best time to go there, what to see and what to do there. It should also include tips on what to do if you get sick or injured during your trip. The locals are quite helpful, especially the taxi drivers and guides who are knowledgeable about the place. They can take you to the nearest hospital if you get sick.

Botswana is a beautiful place to explore; you have to visit at least three places within a four-day trip. You may opt to stay on the Serengeti plains for a couple of days and go to the Okavango Delta. Alternatively, you may choose to go to the plateau’s central plateau, the Chobe National Park, and the eastern side of the reserve. Each of these places has its own attractions, and a Botswana travel guide can help you choose the best.

You will need a Botswana travel guide to understand the local language, as well as the local culture and norms. The tour operators at the hotels and lodges will help you understand better. Do not hesitate to ask questions. That is one way of learning quickly.

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