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Travel to Brazil can be an unforgettable experience for you and your family if you take advantage of the many resources available on the internet. The abundance of information is particularly beneficial for a first-time traveler. Brazil is the fourth largest country in South America and the tenth most populated country in the world, at more than 8.5 million square kilometers. Because of the size and wealth of Brazil and its location on the western coast of South America, it has become an increasingly popular tourist destination.

A tourist to Brazil will certainly have a great number of picturesque sights to behold. The top destinations to visit while in Brazil are: the grand carnival, the world-famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, the beautiful beaches, the beautiful Amazon jungles, the grand stadium, and of course the famous Rio de Janeiro. Among all these amazing sights and activities, you will surely find the perfect place that fits your budget. Travelers in Brazil favor the cities of Sintra and Belo Horizonte as their preferred holiday destinations. Tourists from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries prefer places such as Sintra, Belem, Marambaia, and Cascais.

If you plan to travel to Brazil during the height of summer, the carnival season is a fantastic time to experience the city’s sizzling atmosphere. In Belo Horizonte, a few of the world-famous nightclubs, restaurants, and shopping malls are open until the middle of September. There are also shows and performances by the samba and cool chinos at this time.

On the opposite of Belo Horizonte, you will find the southern town of Cascais. In Cascais, you can visit the dazzling 12th arrondissement, the perfect example of Brazilian style, with colorful street markets and a lively carnival. Outside Recife, which is not really a carnival, there is an impressive collection of museums dedicated to Brazil’s history, culture, and other interesting landmarks. The Sintra Museum in Cascais covers ancient Portuguese discoveries in Brazil, the first Portuguese colony in the Americas, including a replica of a Portuguese ship.

The state of Sintra is also home to the beautiful Iguazu Falls. Iguazu Falls, considered to be the most beautiful natural tourist site in Brazil, attract thousands of visitors every year. Iguazu Falls are situated on the Putu-ula-Cavaloia River. Here tourists can have the chance to explore the fascinating falls and take part in thrilling water sports.

You can combine sightseeing with thrilling fun when taking part in tour packages to Brazil. There are so many fascinating sites to see and experience, so choosing just one is not a problem. Sightseeing tours on the Amazon can be combined with thrilling jungle tours. You can visit Xiami Park with its exciting roller coasters and thrilling rides. You can visit the rain forest in Manaus and tour the forest canopy on Wayllabamba indigenous village. Amazon tour packages are also great for families as they offer a variety of tours on cruise ships and boats.

Beach and water tours are also popular, with plenty of exciting activities such as snorkeling, rafting, scuba diving, parasailing, and kayaking. Beach tour packages to Brazil are among the most sought-after travel packages. Sintra and Paraiba beaches are among the best in the world. In the Amazon region, visitors can go birding, trekking, visit the remote aboriginal communities, drive across the vast countryside of the Amazonians, visit the rain forest, and much more. Paraiba beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in Brazil.