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Bulgaria is a colorful and beautiful Balkan country with varied terrain including a rugged coastline, mountainous interior, and tamed rivers, particularly the Danube. A cultural mosaic with Roman, Greek, Turkish, and Persian influences, it also has a long rich tradition of fine arts, music, dance, fabrics, and pottery. In the foothills of majestic Vitosha Mountain is its largest city, Sofia, dating back to the 5th Century B.C.

There are many travel guides that can help you plan your vacation to Bulgaria. You will find numerous travel operators in Sofia to provide flights and accommodation at affordable rates. Many have luxurious holiday apartments in Sofia, overlooking the Golden Sunrise beach. The modern amenities available in Sofia attract thousands of visitors every year to spend their vacations in this delightful city. This article describes some of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria.

Orban is an attractive region in northern Bulgaria bordered by mountains to the west, the Dalmatian Mountains to the south, and the foothills of the Golden Sunrise Mountains to the north. The city is home to the National Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum, and the Bulgarian Museum. Orban is the most industrialized region in Bulgaria and the largest port in the country. One of the most exciting opportunities for visiting Orban is the Golden Circle Tour, which passes through the scenic countryside of Orban and along the golden sands of its beaches.

Pazardzhik is one of the most popular cities in and around the Golden Circle. It is the administrative capital of Bulgaria and is home to many prestigious universities and colleges. A visit to Pazardzhik is an excellent opportunity to experience a cultural difference from the rest of the world. Besides being the administrative center of Bulgaria, Pazardzhik is also known for its excellent summer and winter resorts and for the shopping opportunities that are on offer in this beautiful city. The shopping and entertainment options in Pazardzhik are extensive and include art galleries, museums, modern and antique shops, restaurants, nightspots and a multitude of cultural activities.

The most populated region in Bulgaria is the mountainous region of Rhodope. It is home to many interesting ruins, monasteries, and castles. Some of the popular ruins in Rhodope are the Velindre Cathedral, the Caspian Castle, the ruined fortress of St. Nicholas, the Monastery of St. Barnaula, the Town Hall, and the vault of the Orthodox Metropolitan Holy Mother, all in the Velindre Mountains. The city of Chytilov, the capital of Rhodope, is one of the best-preserved Medieval cities in Europe. There are many historical buildings in this city that are open to the public and it is possible to catch a glimpse of the town’s rich history in one of the many museums in Chytilov.

Bulgaria is an excellent country for a family holiday. There are many cheap holiday options available to stay in this country and as long as you get involved in some activities, you should be able to enjoy yourself to the full. Sofia offers an exciting holiday or business break that many can enjoy.

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