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China, officially the People’s Republic of China is a fast-growing country in east Asia. It is the third or fourth-largest country in terms of area, with a total population of more than a 1.4billion. It covers approximately a 9.6million square kilometers, making it the world’s second or third-most-populous country by surface area. It has a complex geography, with mountains, deserts, jungles, and rivers, as well as coastal areas, offshore islands, and special administrative regions.

Beaches: China’s most famous and picturesque shore is Hainan Island in the southern part of Yangshuo Province. This is where the largest numbers of tourists come from. Its sandy beaches are perfect for relaxing and spending an entire day with the family. The capital city of Beijing can be reached by air. There are ferries along the coast from Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Backwaters: The most famous backwater in China is Huangshan Bay in the eastern part of Beijing. It is popular with both Chinese and foreign tourists. It is one of the best destinations for visiting Shanghai and Hong Kong, but also attracts a large number of foreign tourists to China. Boat tours from Shanghai and Hong Kong to the Huangshan Bay are very popular among Chinese holidaymakers.

National Parks: China has some of the most beautiful and amazing national parks in the world. They are especially popular with tourists. The Beijing red forest, for example, attracts thousands of foreign and Chinese tourists every year. There are many other popular parks in China, including the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Wuyi Mountains in the south.

Summer Palace: China’s summer palace, is another tourist attraction. In its compound, there are more than twenty buildings that form an impressive ancient structure. The summer palace is only open in the late afternoon. It has been opened to the public on Wednesdays all year round. It is open to tourists who wish to see the whole compound.

Lhasa Yoga: The word lhasa is derived from the Sanskrit words for “tea” and “hedge.” Lhasa Yoga is basically a spiritual practice originating in India and is often called “postures.” It combines meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga into a unique system to achieve harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. The word comes from the Sanskrit term Hatha, which means “yoga.” The term was adopted from the Hindu term Swyambha, which means “the great teacher.”

Great Wall: The Forbidden City, or the Wall, is another sightseeing destination in China. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in China. Built in around 500 BC, the Great Wall of China was built by the Chinese to protect themselves against marauding troops of the Northern Khamer rulers. Today, it serves as a World Heritage Site and the subject of many books and Hollywood movies. One can view the Great Wall by taking a bus from the Shanghai Museum Metro towards the Xujiahui Bus terminal at the northwest corner of the city.

Beijing 101: Travelers to Beijing need not travel to the Forbidden City to experience the fascinating sights and sounds of the Chinese capital. Beijing has a number of interesting museums, art galleries, and touristic spots that are ideal for taking in the rich traditions of China. At Xujiahui International Airport, visitors can hop onto flights to Beijing and board a private plane that will fly them into the thick of Chinese tradition, which includes the Forbidden City, the Beijing Polytechnic, and Museum of Modern Art, and the National Museum of China. The flights from Xujiahui take off early in the morning and return to Beijing after the evening hours. Visitors can reach the city by taking a taxi or a ride on one of the numerous buses that operate within the city.

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