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England is a major country in the world. It shares land borders to its east and Scotland to its northwest. The Irish Sea lies to the west of England and the Celtic Sea on the southwest. England is separated into three parts – England, Wales, and Scotland. Wikipedia is the most popular English Wikipedia and it contains millions of articles on the English language, British politics, history, and arts.

A guide for England should contain plenty of historical information. A tourist’s guide should include the important places of interest within England like Stonehenge, which is an ancient monument in Wiltshire. The tourist’s guide should contain information about England’s cultural heritage like Shakespeare’s London, the Shakespeare Festival and Holidays in England, which are all major attractions.

There are many important historic locations in England as well. Within England, there are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are very important. UNESCO has identified the Cotswolds as being one of the most significant areas of historical architecture in Europe. The Cotswolds are large, untamed areas and contain beautiful castles, manor houses, farms, settlements, towns, moats, and wildlife. The Dorridge Museum and Art Gallery in Dorridge are another world heritage site.

Another must-have in an English tourist guide is a list of famous national parks in England. These are National Parks because they are lands of natural beauty which lie mainly within England. They are home to many wildlife species and some are even protected as wildlife parks. Some of them are Eyemouth Bounds, Inverness, Snowdonia, Warwickshire, Chippenham, Cumbria, Norfolk, and Scottish National Park. They are home to various cultures and other heritage too.

Lake District National Park is the name given to a large national park situated on England’s northeast coast. It is England’s biggest national park. It was created as a preserve for rare flora and fauna and is best known for its picturesque views of chalk cliffs and long sandy beaches. There are a large number of bird species and also swans.

England’s North West Coastal National Parks is mainly in North West England. The Humber estuary is the name of these parks. They are a great source of entertainment for tourists. They offer picturesque landscapes, castles, sandy beaches, and lakes. Some of them are Llangollen, Ilfracombe, Woolacombe, Chatteris, and Moreton Bay. A popular attraction is Sheppey island.

For those interested in wildlife, England has some excellent national parks too. There are numerous wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves here. There are many species of butterflies, wildflowers, and wild game. These national parks and sanctuaries have made England one of the most popular places in the world to visit. Various wildlife enthusiasts from around the world visit England to see different species of wildlife.

England has many other attractions too. Some of them are; Stonehenge, which is a prehistorical monument of large size, Salisbury Cathedral, which is the center of one of the oldest churches in England, Hereford cathedral, and the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Other than these, there are many museums too which attract tourists from all over the world.

England has some of the best beaches in the world. It is an island nation with lots of tourist attractions. Its beaches are perfect for water sports. England has many popular beach resorts. These include Cornwall and East Sussex, the Cotswolds, and southwestern England.

England also has many national parks. One of its most visited national parks is Hogsmeade national park. This park houses a world-famous moai statue. There are many other popular parks in England.

England has many historic buildings. Some of them are; The Stonehenge temple, Hadrian’s Wall, the National Gallery, The Wrens Nest, and many others. Each of these has different stories to tell. These are places that should be visited by people from all over the world.

England has many shopping malls. Some of them are; Sloane Street, Holkham Broadway, and lots more. All these malls have food courts, shopping centers, and many other facilities. They also serve alcohol and smoking permitted in them.

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