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Ireland is a wonderful place to visit, no matter what your interests and hobbies are. With over three hundred miles of coastline and a total land area of more than five hundred square miles, Ireland is a great place for anyone to travel to. If you love boating, sailing, hiking or just going outdoors and enjoying the great outdoors, you will not be disappointed with the many activities that are available to you while on holiday in Ireland. Let’s take a closer look at some of Ireland’s hottest tourist attractions:

A wonderful way to experience the scenic wonders of Ireland’s magnificent cliffs is by taking a walking tour of the world-renowned Croagh Falls. The falls have captivated thousands of tourists over the years, but the falls still remain the most popular of Ireland’s natural wonders. The entire tour of the Falls starts with an extraordinary journey up the mountain, which hikers will take a cable car ride down to the top of Falls. Once you reach the top, you will be captivated by the breathtaking sight of the water spilling into the river below. Hikers can stay for the night near the Falls or ride out to the commencement of the Cable Car Trail for a picnic, or even for a spectacular view from one of the cable cars that makes its way up the Falls.

For a taste of Dublin’s history without having to leave the city, plan a visit to the Shankhill Causeway, a historic path that traces the path of the Holy Grail between Ireland and Scotland. If you are staying in Dublin, you won’t want to miss the top of the trail, which rises in mere minutes from the pedestrian footpath on the left side of Pearse Street. A wonderful view of the Falls can be viewed from this point, as you make your way up the Causeway. As you make your way up the Causeway, be sure to take some time to wander around the lower level of the Falls and see how the waterfalls appear to cascade in a series of beautiful, bold shapes. The Falls are open year round, although certain times are more crowded than others.

A short drive north from Pearse Street is Connemara, a beautiful island that stands just off the western coast of Ireland. If you like water and hiking, Connemara has many beautiful and challenging hiking trails where you can stay for a few days or even a whole weekend. One of the most popular hiking trails is the Long Island Tour, which starts in Glen Collory and goes all the way to the Teigan peninsula. Hiking along the Long Island Tour is particularly rewarding because of the spectacular views you will have from every turn along the route. Another popular hiking trail is the Cross of Swords, a path that starts in Galway and sweeps through Argyll, Donegal, counties Donegal, Kerry and Connemara.

For a surreal and truly breathtaking Irish experience, nothing beats a Galway safari, which is an exciting adventure in itself. Seating reservations should be made early so that you get the best spots. The Galway safari will allow you to view some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable in Ireland. Start by viewing the serenity of Argyll, then travel down the Lochna Falls and from there, you will be able to see several smaller falls, known as Dingle Dunes, and the lochs at Bunessan.

If you want to experience the utmost beauty of Ireland during your holiday, you may want to visit the county of Munster. Munster is a small, charming county that is popular for its outstanding scenic beauty, interesting buildings and quaint old villages. Munster is located in the southwest of Ireland on the beautiful Mayo River. Munster is famous for being one of the primary habitats of the muntjara, a wild mouse native to Ireland.

There are many historical sites to visit while you are in Ireland. These include castles such as Claddagh Castle, Dunmore Castle and Rosneath Castle. These castles represent some of the most beautiful times in Ireland’s history and are popular attractions.

When you come to visit Ireland, you will find a country that is vibrant, creative and lively. This country offers something to everyone; something for the adventurous tourist, the family with small children and plenty of things for the traveler who likes to relax and unwind. Ireland is a great holiday destination for people of all ages.

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