New York is the proud owner of the prettiest and the most miscellaneous topography in the United States. It covers the area between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. Its jagged mountains, long coastline, meandering rivers, and beautiful forests make it look like an East Coast ornament.

However, the town’s most outstanding features are its glistening lakes. Ranging from colossal watery miracles that scope two nations like Lake Erie to ones with magnificent views like Avalanche Lake, New York is in possession of a whole bunch of enchanting lakes.

These miracles open up an ideal opportunity to do sea sports like swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, ice-skating, and water-skiing. All of these sports wait for you to take them up. Do not hesitate to try something new since it is the only way to discover what you are into.

Find out the most beautiful lakes in New York through our list and make an optimum choice for yourself.

Chautauqua Lake

view from the lake and house on the shore
Being 1.308 feet above sea level, Chautauqua Lake is in the first rank of North America’s highest floatable lochs. With a span of 17 miles, it provides guests with a load of areas to research. Moreover, it possesses four open swimming lakesides and a significant amount of spots for sunbathing.

Keen anglers are especially welcome to this place since they can take part in yearly fishing competitions. One is able to borrow either motor-powered or not-motorized small vessels. The watercraft can be launched at Prendergast Point, Bemus Point, Long Point State Park, Mayville Lakeside Park, and Lakewood.

Chautauqua Institution, a nonprofit educational organization, is the region’s best delight. It offers art classes, religious education, and lectures on recreation. Additionally, the institution gives you chances to go to the opera or the theatre. You can even watch dance performances there.

Chautauqua Lake Wikipedia

Lake George

picture taken from the water shows lake waters and huge forest in the background
Lake George, nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes, covers an area of 44 square miles. The massive Adirondack Mountains and some other lower mountains delicately surround the lake. Merely think of the view of this place, spectacular mountains and a sparkling lake in the center.

Open-air attractions are available throughout the year. Summer lovers are capable of swimming, angling, sailing, and biking. On the other hand, admirers of the chilly weather can do horse riding, skiing, backpacking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skating, and, last but not least, white water rafting.

Numerous local festivals are in existence close to the lake. If you happen to be there in June, you can go to the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council (LARAC) Arts Festival. And the once-a-year Lake George Music Festival is held in August. Another popular entertainment is the Lake George Winter Carnival Festival.

Lake Champlain

house attraction and boats on the shore
Lake Champlain, encircled by Vermont’s Green Mountains and the Adirondacks, is a picturesque landmark. It is not only renowned for being squeaky-clean but is also known as one of the most pleasant to go bathing.

The lake bursts at the seams with fish since it is home to 80 species. Thus, this place is entirely appropriate for anglers to go fishing. However, everyone is welcome to the spot since it suggests countless other activities.

Champlain Area Trails that are about 40-mile-long are highly suitable for hiking. On the other hand, Ausable Chasm is a great place for climbers. Other opportunities are putting up tents and spattering with the coldish lake water.

Avalanche Lake

avalanche lake and big mountain at the back
Avalanche Lake, named after the avalanche that struck the region in the 1800s, is a jagged wonder.  It lies in the Adirondack High Peaks, viz. 2,880 feet above sea level, enclosed by high Mount Colden and Avalanche Mountain.

A long walk waits for you supposing that you want to reach the lake. Daring folks prefer the trails that are close to Lake Placid. They are about 12-mile-long both ways. But, yes, there are more convenient routes that you can follow.

The Trail of the Cedars is delightfully charming and attractive. Be ready to behold massive boulders along the route. However, if you own a pet, you had better choose the Marcy Dam Trail since it is appropriate for dogs as well.

Cayuga Lake

paddleboarding, picture from the boat showing woman paddleboarding and wearing beautiful hat
Yonks ago, masses of ice created a gorgeous water body by the name of Cayuga Lake. Presently it tranquilly sparkles in the pulchritudinous Finger Lakes area. With its length of 40 miles, the loch is the most stretched out Finger Lake.

It is widely known for its tourist attractions. To be specific, angling, swimming, and sailing are hugely eminent in the region. And the fact that Ithaca rests on the southern shore of the lake makes it even more special. At this point, it is worth mentioning that Ithaca is a unique college town.

You can reserve a fishing charter or a boat cruise in Allan H Treman State Marine Park and Ithaca on the condition that boating is not your cup of tea. Other viable options are borrowing a pedal boat, a canoe, or even a kayak.

Oneida Lake

jet riders in the waters of Oneida Lake
Being 21-mile-long, Oneida Lake is the most sizeable lake that completely sits within the confines of New York. It can be reached for about 30 minutes by car, supposing you are in Syracuse. By the way, Syracuse is a densely populated town in the state of New York.

The lake possesses a considerable number of activities such as skating, boating, and angling. However, it is most suitable to swim since it is not very deep. Sylvan Beach is close to the lake, in case you get pissed off swimming.

Sylvan Beach offers a whole range of shopping places and restaurants. Moreover, there you can go to an amusement park. It is another unmissable spot that is interesting enough to be part of your bucket list.

Skaneateles Lake

the lake view from small gazebo
Skaneateles Lake, vocalized as ”skinny-atlas” or “skanny-atlas”, is oligotrophic. The ecological term means that the lake is relatively low in plant nutrients and contains abundant oxygen in its deeper parts. Fortunately, this term reveals that the lake is not rich in algae.

Along the lake’s shore are situated ancient houses and luxurious mansions. In other words, Skaneateles ensures that you take excellent photos. Another interesting fact about the watery miracle is that it provides drinking water for Syracuse.

The lake is one of the most opted for swimming since it is pristine clean. On top of that, it is ideal for canoeing and fishing. As you would expect, exist other water activities that Skaneateles offers.

Lake Erie

shore and waves frin Lake Erie
Are you ready to meet the 11th largest lake in the universe? Lake Erie takes fourth place among the five Great Lakes since its surface covers over 9,900 square miles, and it is the eleventh-biggest globally. However, it is shallow compared to the rest of the Great Lakes.

With its dozens of shipwrecks, Lake Erie is a heaven on earth for keen divers. Nevertheless, not only do divers enjoy this place but also lovers of other water sports. During the hot season, the most preferred forms of recreation are boating, kayaking, and angling. Skiing, skating, ice fishing, and snowmobiling are most popular in the depths of winter.

If you are not into water activities, Lake Erie State Park is perfect for you. There you can set up camp, sunbathe on a stunning golden beach, or sign up for a disc golf course. Furthermore, it is famous for its playground and various trails.

Lake Erie info in numbers
Main depth 64 ft or 19 m
Width 57 miles or 92 km
Area 25,744 km²
Volume 480 km³
Length 241 miles or 388 km
Max. depth 210 ft (64 m)

Canandaigua Lake

picture showing boat Canandaigua anchored near the shore
The length of Canandaigua Lake, alias The Chosen Spot, is 16 miles, and it is 1 mile in width. The great masterpiece supplies water to about 70,000 inhabitants of Canandaigua, a town located next to the lake.

Squaw, a pearl of Canandaigua, is one of two islands in the Finger Lakes area. In the 18th century, it was a sanctuary for Native American women and children. At present, it is possible to see it from close range by hiring a kayak, canoe, or water cycle. It is likely to be almost impossible to take your eyes off it.

Magnificent buildings, which are the size of mansions discovered on Lake George’s Millionaire Row, delicately stand at the northern end of Canandaigua. And the city of Naples peacefully rests on the lake’s southern edge. Along with being as pretty as a picture, the town owns multiple waterfalls and high rocky hills.

Great Sacandaga Lake

water of the lake
Sacandaga is a lake for storing and supplying water. It is 5 miles in width, and its surface measures 42 square miles. Unfortunately, it is not as famous as the ones mentioned above as it is not so flashy. But residents are happy with this fact since it does not get overcrowded.

The lake is well-known for its indescribable natural beauty. It is so spotless that it reflects the images of nearby trees and bright blue clouds like a mirror. To rephrase it, Sacandaga is a haven of peace and tranquillity. In addition, this beauty provides its guests with numerous water sports.

You can undertake activities such as swimming, boating, angling, skiing, skating, and snowmobiling there. When you get tired of doing these sports, go to the town. Roam the city streets crammed with clothing stores and visit fascinating museums.

Canadice Lake

If you yearn for a place to swim during a hot summer day, you should not consider Canadice Lake as an option because swimming is not allowed at it. The main reason why camping and swimming are prohibited is that it is a source of drinking water for Rochester.

Overflowing with fish, it is a perfect spot for anglers. The lake is home to fish species such as lake trout, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, bluegill, and largemouth bass. Other outdoor activities that one can do are hiking and boating.

The lake is only 3 miles in length and just 0.3 miles in width. A beautiful dense forest full of towering trees surrounds Canadice, and nothing else is situated next to it. Thus, it is an ideal point to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Seneca Lake

I am sure that you became curious to find out the biggest Finger Lake. Seneca Lake is the largest and deepest one among Finger Lakes. It covers more than 43,000 acres, whereas Lake George has an area of 28,200 acres. Thus, it almost doubles in size most lakes in New York.

Do not miss the opportunity to get closer to the sparkling beauty. One can either rent a kayak or a motorized boat for the purpose. Other attractive options are borrowing a canoe or trying paddleboarding. In any case, you will enjoy the pleasure of life.

And when the time comes for lunch, head towards Geneva, which is at the north end of the lake. Seeing nothing but the southern shore, the best place to wolf down is Watkins Glen. Both spots are tourist destinations, so have a look at them.

Owasco Lake

bridge and gazebo to lakes waters
Not a fan of icy-cold water?   Owasco is one of few lakes in New York that are not bone-chilling. Thanks to its soothing warm water and captivating form, Owasco charms its special guests. And with plenty of bright green trees around, it looks like a fairy-tale place.

Owasco Lake, which covers only 11 square miles, is extremely tiny compared to the rest of Finger Lakes. In Auburn, the closest town to the loch, are situated elegant houses that were William Seward’s and Harriet Tubman’s property in the past.

Filmore Glen State Park, the lake’s south shore pride and joy, attracts tons of tourists. It is known for its peaceful campgrounds, a gorgeous swimming pool, and glistening waterfalls. Emerson Park, which is at the north end, is another lovely place. If you go there, do not forget to visit the Merry-Go-Round Theater.

Lake Placid

Stop worrying about everything and give yourself a break. Fish, sail, walk and enjoy the view of Lake Placid. The wondrous miracle that lies in the Adirondacks will help you to relax. On the other hand, the village of Lake Placid will expand your horizons.

The area of the lake is so thickly wooded that it looks like a green blanket in case you get a bird’s-eye view of it. Numerous low green hills stand on every side of the masterpiece as though to protect it. Having explored the lake, go to the historic city without wasting any time.

The town hosted the 1932 and the 1980 Winter Olympics. There you are able to discover countless places directly connected with them. Some of which are the Olympic Center, an Olympic Jumping Complex, and an Olympic Sports Complex.

Black Lake

Black Lake, located in Thurstan, is the biggest lake in Saint Lawrence Country. The spot, overflowing with fish, is like a paradise to anglers. It supports populations of rainbow trout, coastal cutthroat trout, smallmouth bass, black crappie, and largemouth bass.

Golden opportunities are at hand for those who do not admire the activity of catching fish. Marvelous options are buying souvenirs in the local shops, spending time with loved ones at stylish restaurants, and having a swim.

Greenwood Lake

Greenwood Lake is approximately 7 miles long and has a surface area of 1920 acres. It stretches out in two countries – Orange Country and Passaic country. It possesses Fox IslandStorms Island, and Chapel Island. The water body supports every sport that one can do in a lake – swimming, diving, waterskiing, fishing and boating.

The Village of Greenwood Lake is a must-see place as well. The movie “The Magic of Belle Isle”, directed by Rob Rainer and starred by Morgan Freeman, was entirely made in this pretty village. Another highlight is Thomas P. Morahan Waterfront Park, where one can take up disc golf or find the best trails.


Where is Chautauqua Lake?

It is located in the southeast corner of Chautauqua County.

How deep is Chautauqua Lake?

78 feet or 24 meters

Where is Lake George?

It is located at the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains. Coordinates: 43°37′20″N 73°32′48″W

How deep is lake George?

Average depth: 70 feet
Max depth: 200 feet

How deep is Lake Champlain?

Max depth of 400 feet

Where is Avalanche Lake?

It is located in the Adirondack High Peaks in New York state.

Where is Cayuga Lake?

It is located near the city of Ithaca, NY

How far is Cayuga Lake from New York City?

188 miles

How long is Cayuga Lake?

38 miles long

How deep is Cayuga Lake?

Depth: 435 feet

Where is Oneida Lake?

It is located 10 miles north of Syracuse in Oswego and Oneida Counties

How deep is Oneida Lake?

Max depth: 55 feet or 17 meters

How big is Oneida Lake?

Area: 80 square miles

How long is Oneida Lake?

Length: ~20 miles

How deep is Skaneateles Lake?

Max. depth: 315 feet or 96 meters

How long is Skaneateles Lake?

16 miles or 26 km long

How deep is Lake Erie?

210 ft (64 m)

Where is Lake Erie?

Lake Erie shares borders with the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and the Canadian province of Ontario.

How big is Lake Erie?

Length: 241 miles
Area: 9939 miles

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